[London] TimesOnline - 23 October 2007 - "Olympics chiefs set to ban all car travel Ben Webster, Transport Correspondent. The team organising the London Olympics in 2012 is adopting the most aggressive anticar policy ever applied to a major event in an attempt to deliver a permanent shift in people’s travel habits."

Altiplano Publications - no date - "The free nature of this public utility can also be mind-changing, making people aware of its importance, in terms of environment and common city life."    

amNewYork - 04 October 2007 - City lures families back from 'burbs "We had great neighbors and a beautiful home, but we were so isolated," she said, adding that life there was "all about the car."

PeakOil.com - 22 September 2007 - "Rapeseed biofuel ‘produces more greenhouse gas than oil or petrol’ Rapeseed and maize biodiesels were calculated to produce up to 70 per cent and 50 per cent more greenhouse gases respectively than fossil fuels. The concerns were raised over the levels of emissions of nitrous oxide, which is 296 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide."

The Oregonian - 20 August 2007 - Dylan Rivera - Because Portland-Vancouver drivers log 20 percent fewer miles a day than most U.S. urban dwellers and spend less on cars and gasoline as a result, the region's economy saves $2.6 billion a year, or about 3 percent of the area's annual economic output, according to a new study for the Chicago-based CEOs for Cities.

Gristmill  - 12 July 2007 - Eric Mann - Fighting transit racism: Building the environmental movement on the buses of L.A.

EcoStreet.org - 10 July 2007 - Why free public transport would work. by Tracy Stokes.

BeyondChron - 01 May 2007  - "...But this is the prime moment to make such an environmentally and socially progressive move.... The basis of the idea lays in quite simple math: the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) only collects 18 percent of its funds through fares while spending the same amount on fare collection...."

Green A City  - 30 April 2007  - East Bay Freeway Meltdown: Why Public Transit is the Future (photo).

Portland Independent Media Center - 05 August 2006 - Public Transit Could Transform The Quality Of Life For Workers And The Environment.

Bermuda Sun - 10 November 2006 - Politicians discuss the merits of free public transit!

Mountain Xpress - 10 May 2006  - "One of the most powerful ways to attract new riders is simply letting people ride for free. Communities across the country have used a fare-free program either as a temporary promotional strategy or as an ongoing, permanent policy to attract and retain riders."

Rabble.ca - 02 February 2005 - "Since public transit is much more environmentally friendly, all benefit. Therefore, all should pay. Making riders bear a disproportionate share of the cost of public service every time they pay a fare, or buy a pass is perverse. The better way to pay for public transit is through taxes paid by all, whether or not they use the transit facilities."

Synergy - 1998 - Perth car dependence hurts economy -- World Bank study

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