Autosprawl - End it - Reverse it


Autosprawl - noun.- the intersection of automobiles, sprawl, and corporate interests.

Free public transit - the beginning of the end of autosprawl.

Now that global warming awareness has hit the mainstream somewhat, the oil/auto/coal axis needs to divert us into "solutions" that do not threaten their investment and profit. You cannot blame them. The axis is made up of corporations. By law, corporations must maximize shareholder value. In addition, they have to compete to survive. They have no wiggle room to allow them to care about the consequences.  These forces have led them to corrupt our government representatives and enforce autosprawl through government policy. There is nothing inherently wrong with corporations. But we should not let them run our government or control our public policy.

Autosprawl is a system designed to waste energy. How much tax money goes just for local parking enforcement? Forty percent of stream pollution is sprawl related. Drive around the suburban office parks on Sunday. See all the empty asphalt lots? You are paying for it. We pay for everything we do. The question is, are we getting what we want? Or are we just drifting along, pushed by the currents of corporate profit drive.

Autosprawl is wasteful in thousands of ways. Free public transit will end it. But we need to mobilize people in order to have enough power to out-vote corporate interests. People hate heavy traffic, free public transit will reduce it. People want to help poor people, free public transit will do that. People hate flooding... you get the idea.

Any "solution" that does not lead to the early end of autosprawl will not be enough. The numbers just don't crunch to keep it and address global warming. Think what life will be like when every household in China and India has 2.3 electric cars? is going to drive a stake through the heart of autosprawl.

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