Dirty Tricks & Deeds of the Carbon-Auto Industry 

The American Street Car Scandal - The once profitable system of privately-held independent electric-powered urban transit was destroyed, giving cities the choice between government-subsidized transit or no service at all. An economical, efficient, and non-polluting transit system has been replaced with one that is more expensive, less-efficient, and highly polluting. The American taxpayer has paid the price ever since. read more

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Funding of Junk Science from exxposeexxon.com - For years, a network of organizations have worked together to block action on global warming. In the words of the U.K.'s Royal Society, one of the most prestigious scientific academies in the world, these groups "misrepresent the science of climate change by outright denial of the evidence." This network has been consistently funded by ExxonMobil. Since at least 1998, ExxonMobil has spent $17 to $23 million to bankroll these groups.

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Here is an example of how Exxon-Mobil funds disinformation.  From exxonsecrets.org, a GreenPeace Project documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

Africa Fighting Malaria is a not-for-profit health advocacy group based in South Africa and in the United States. They research and comment on the political economy of diseases and disease control in developing countries, focusing primarily on malaria. AFM promotes short term solutions to the malaria problem, and criticizes expenditures on mitigating climate change as having benefits too far in the future to be useful. They advocate spending money on quick-fixes for problems which could be solved in the future by successfully combatting things like climate change. Along with groups like The Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Liberty Institute, AFM promotes the use of DDT as an effective means of combatting malaria in the developing world. AFM formed a coalition called Save Children From Malaria in 2000 and campaign to preserve the use of DDT.

More Exxon-Mobil propaganda via the "Reason Foundation" also listed in exxonsecrets.org

Most travelers believe the car is a good thing, a source of freedom and mobility. Giving up the flexibility of the private automobile reduces our quality of life; it's a step back, not a step forward. That's the main reason the use of mass transit is declining in the U.S., despite the billions of dollars poured annually into such systems. Yet transportation planners believe public transit and sharing rides with strangers increases the typical American's quality of life. It doesn't, and our behavior reflects this. That's why the vast majority of us choose not to use public transit...